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Humanitas College has built a rigorous curriculum and intellectual program around these five principles. These five principles serve as the basis for both the immediate goals of undergraduate education and also the long-term goals of a lifetime of intellectual exploration.

Five Principles of Liberal Education

We introduce to students a variety of approaches to nderstanding the human experience, society, nature and history, thereby creating an educational experience that encourages creative expression and the unhindered exploration of knowledge. Our students develop a multi-polar understanding of culture, society, science and technology by dint of the diverse perspectives...   more
Significance of Humanitas
Humanitas College is dedicated to a reaffirmation of the value of education in itself as a life-long pursuit essential to civilization and civic society. The ideal of Humanitas, a wide range of learning that embodies a more human and nuanced society, is most ...   more
Humanitas College has thoroughly overhauled the program for liberal arts education at Kyung Hee University and established a new set of core courses, introduced distribution requirements, and increased the emphasis on civic education and...   more
Kyung Hee Education
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International students are going to have a lot of little questions about life in Korea that they need answered.
Having most of the ...
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