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Rector : Doh Jung-il (도정일)

Professor Doh Jung-il has emerged as one of the central public intellectuals arguing for the need for a new public sphere that is far broader than the classroom and intellectuals who are not afraid to address honestly the issues of our age. He has devoted his efforts to forming broad coalitions to support engagement in learning and volunteerism.

Professor Doh founded in 2001 the NGO “Citizen Action for a Reading Culture” an organization that has engaged a broad range of stakeholders to promote reading as an essential part of society, starting with small libraries in rural towns. He has worked tirelessly to encourage children, and adults, to read and write as a means of living fuller lives and understanding their own society.

Professor Doh has distinguished himself through the breadth of his activities, from literary and cultural criticism, to science and technology, education policy and the role of the intellectual in society.

Professor Doh’s most recent project is the Humanitas College at Kyung Hee University. Humanitas College is a bold experiment in liberal arts education in an Asian context that stresses the marriage of study, artistic expression and social responsibility. Eschewing traditional academic departments and making public service and artistic expression an essential part of the curriculum, Humanitas College promises a new model for a humanistic education appropriate to the challenges of our age. Professor Doh argues that young people, through their engagement in the world of ideas, can create a new culture for a better future.

Dean for Seoul Campus : Yu Jung-wan (유정완)

English Language and Literature

Dean for Global Campus (Suwon) : Lee Yong-sik (이영식)

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In-hwan Ko (고인환) : Contemporary Literary Criticism []

Dong-geon Kim (김동건) : Classical Korean Literature []

Sung-A Kim (김성아) : Phonetics-Phonology / Language Acquisition []

Soo-i Kim (김수이) : Modern Korean Literature []

Kim Jinhae (김진해) : Korean Linguistics, Semantics []

Hee-chan Kim (김희찬) : Archeology []

Moon Jae Lee (이문재) : Korean Literature []

Sang-Im Lee (이상임) : Comparative Philosophy []

Young-Jun Lee (이영준): Modern Korean Literature []

Jong-goo Lee (이종구) : Human Resources []

Bok-chol Jung (정복철) : Political Science []

Hwa-young Jung (정화영) : Computer Science (Software and Web Design) []

Youngtae Ha (하영애) : Political Science and Women’s Studies []

Bryan Cheron : Applied Linguistics, Philosophy and Political Science []

Jonathan Davis : Journalism, English Literature []

Jordan Davidson : Social and Cutural Anthropology, TESL []

Exan Desforges : Anthropology,TESOL/TEFL/TESL []

Joseph A. Faraci Jr : Human Relations, Behavioral Sciences, TESOL []

Stephen Neil Mangan : Philosophy, History []

Gregory Napp : English Literature []

Robert K. Poirier : MBA, Anthropology, []

Kathryn Shelley Price-Jones : History, Education []

Andrew Thompson : Psychology []

Michelle Misook Kim : Education, ESL []

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